Automated DNA Sequencing Resources

This site contains information about DNA sequencing protocols, reagents for sequencing dna, dna sequencing services, software for analyzing DNA & RNA sequences, DNA sequencing instruments & laboratories in the area of DNA sequencing research.

If you want to increase the read lengths of your ABI 310, ABI 377, ABI 3100, ABI 3130, ABI 3730, ABI 3730xl or ABI 3500 DNA sequencing traces then you should consider using the PeakTrace Basecaller. This unique basecaller can increase the read lengths of traces by 25 to 100%. To try the PeakTrace Basecaller for free visit the online PeakTrace Basecaller web site.

For help with identifying the causes of DNA sequencing problems see the Guide for Troubleshooting DNA sequencing reactions. This troubleshooting guide helps users identify and solve the most common causes of sanger DNA sequencing failure and short trace readlength.

To find the ideal DNA sequencing service provider see Nucleics' reviews of DNA sequencing services. This contains over 300 reviews of both commercial and non commercial DNA sequencing service facilities and provides information of facility location, sequencing instruments used, DNA template requirements, prices and turn around times, as well as information on what other related services are offered.

Last updated
June 22, 2015